Change Is Constant

As we all know, life is always about change.

Recently, I decided to focus on building up my career on writing.

It’s a little scary going into something new and figuring out where to go from here but I’ll take my chances (:

So I’d like to announce that A Cradled Thought has moved.

Here’s to new beginnings and exciting opportunities (:


I Feel the Weight on My Shoulder



I haven’t been able to sleep properly these days.

My heart’s filled with grief over the way things have turned out around the world. I don’t know which brings me more sorrow – the fact that the world is in a scary place right now yet there are those who are too self-absorbed to care or that realization of how insignificant I am in this fight for justice and salvation.

I wish time could stand still so that I could hug those who are victims of constant oppression. 

I wish I had all the power in the world to eliminate evil and let justice prevail. 

I wish I had all the money in the world to rebuild lives and give them a chance at a new beginning. 

But for now, all I can do is curl up in bed and hope that they’re all going to be okay tonight.

Let us create awareness for those who are victims of political conflicts and unrest. Let’s pray for those who are victims of unfortunate incidents. Let’s come together and do something collectively to strike a chord and make a difference, however minute it may be.

This is for the Syria.

For Ukraine and Russia.

For Africa.

For Palestine.

For Lebanon.

For Iraq.

For Burma.

For MH 370.


Image courtesy of Flickr.

Of differences and similarities

The thing about long transits is that it permits you to make careful observations of your surroundings and formulate thoughts of your own.

Never mind that the monetary fountain has run dry or that my persistent tummy demands food – this 7-hour wait has definitely given me a little perspective.

I’m surrounded by a sea of travellers from all sorts of  ethnicity and religion. It’s got me thinking – isn’t it amazing how people come in all forms?


These two weeks have made come to appreciate other cultures and realise that at times, differences are a lot easier to set aside.

During this time, I’ve met people from various backgrounds/belief/walks of life yet something common seemed to always prevail – we made it a point to understand better one another and the places we call home. It wasn’t always pleasant or easy because surely you would come across certain differences that you’d find hard to swallow but even so, everyone mutually agreed to respect and love one another.